Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs. Honda Jazz Hybrid


In the segment of compact hybrids, here is the first match between the two stars of this new market!
After having launched sedans with hybrid powertrains, the two Japanese brands now compete on the compact car segment. Honda led the way with the Jazz Hybrid launched last year, and Toyota, the market leader in hybrid vehicles follows with the Yaris Hybrid.


This is the first match between the two competitors. The models tested are the Yaris Dynamic and the Jazz Hybrid Luxury with public prices of € 18,500 and € 20,250 respectively (without incentives).

Acceleration / performance

Combined power: 100hp for the Yaris hybrid and 98hp for the Honda Jazz.
Weight both are also around 1150kg, therefore performances should be almost similar. 

However, on the paper, the Yaris is well below the Jazz in terms of consumption 3.5 l/100km (67mpg) in mixed against 4.5 for the Jazz (52mpg)!
Same lead for the maximum speed with 175kph for the Yaris and 165kph for the Jazz-a difference probably due to the smaller displacement of the Honda 1300cc against 1500cc.
Another Toyota advantage, CO2 emissions, to the 104g/km announced by the Honda Jazz Hybrid, Toyota fights back with 79g/km! An impressive gap that reflects the difference of development between the two models!

Match_Yaris_Jazz_hybride (16).JPG 


In terms of equipment, the lower priced Yaris is better equipped. The big screen in the middle of the center console allows a very good management of the car confirms it. This is the same system as in a Prius with all the datas of the car in real time. It offers excellent readability while the Jazz features “just” a small LCD screen in the dashboard that shows you the level of battery.

Match_Yaris_Jazz_hybride (16).JPG Match_Yaris_Jazz_hybride (16).JPG 

Habitability/cargo space

Here the Jazz takes the lead announcing 300l of cargo space against 286l for Toyota.
Both offer a flat trunk possibility with back seats down, the Yaris has an additional storage space under the floor while “magic” seats of the Jazz free up the space reserved to the rear seats, the Jazz is more flexible.
Tested in 5-door versions, access to the rear seats and legroom are relatively equivalent.

Pros / cons

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

We like:

- Very smooth engine and gearbox setup 
- Silence of use
- Quality of the plastics and interior finish
- Good acceleration (see the test-drive of July 31st)
- Low consumption / low CO2 emissions
- Exterior finish and specific design with LED lights on the front and rear.
- Central touch screen.

We do not like:

- Boot smaller than the Jazz
- Keyless start but door opening still requires to press on the key

Match_Yaris_Jazz_hybride (16).JPG Match_Yaris_Jazz_hybride (16).JPG 

Honda Jazz Hybrid

We like:

- Dashboard that changes color depending on the drive modet
- Driving position and experience with a very ergonomic steering wheel-dashboard assembly
- More incisive handling

We do not like:

- Less modern look than the Yaris
- Higher fuel consumption and emissions
- Higher price
- Loud combustion engine 

Match_Yaris_Jazz_hybride (16).JPG Match_Yaris_Jazz_hybride (16).JPG 


Without a doubt, the Yaris hybrid, more modern, better finished, more efficient, more fun and cheaper too!
Too bad when you consider that the Honda Insight has been launched before the Prius and that the brand was pioneer in hybrid technology ...

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