Electric motorcycles: tax incentives… in the U.S.


Unlike the French government with its Montebourg Plan, the U.S.A included electric motorcycles in its support plan for clean vehicles. These tax incentives will reach up to 2,500 dollars (2,030 euros).

Americans will be eligible for government grants capped at $ 2,500 or 10% of the purchase price of their electric motorcycle –while, for instance in France, some cities have implemented incentives, but still nothing at the national level ... The measure approved by the Senate Finance Committee is as unexpected as it is welcome to support innovative businesses across the Atlantic.

The market for electric two-wheelers remains symbolic in terms of volume compared with the domestic market of classic motorcycles, therefore, this measure should not cost more than $ 7.5 million to Washington, while to offset this expense, subsidies granted to electric golf carts will be cancelled.

In France the recent government plan to boost sales of green cars does not include electric two-wheelers!

We deplore this situation because the plan is to boost domestic production, and unlike the U.S. and their iconic brands like Brammo, Vectrix and Zero Motorcycles, France produces only a few electric motorcycles e-bikes, prototypes or niche vehicles: SEV, Sherco, Electric Motion...
We sincerely hope that Voxan which has been taken over by Venturi will change the rules but so far nothing on the horizon...

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