Consumption of electric cars: the top 13 in Wh/km


The magazine Challenges has published an interesting ranking of the consumption of electric cars, a specification expressed in kWh/100km. The most frugal is the Mia Electric, then comes the Lumeneo Neoma to be revealed officially in a pre-series version in the coming months, the Renault Zoé harvests bronze.


About the end of the table, logically we find two Tesla models, the Roadster and the Model S as they are the most powerful EVs on the market (up to 12.5 times more powerful than the other vehicles on the table…)

In the middle, the Renault Kangoo ZE pulls out of the game with a consumption almost comparable a Smart ED!
This precise stats shows Renault’s technological advance compared with equivalent cars.

Indeed, in the quadricycle category, the Twizy uses only 5 kWh against its closest rival (yet) the Mega City with 9 kWh. The Zoe to be released in the winter uses only 10.5 kWh/100km while the Bolloré Bluecar is at 12kWh/100km. Finally the Fluence launched a year ago only needs 11.9 kWh against 13.7 kWh for the Leaf and 14.3 kWh for the electric Ford Focus... Renault’s investments are rewarded!

In the category of plug-in hybrid, the Prius is more efficient than the Volt / Ampera but it catches up with much greater autonomy of the battery which allows it to reach 80 km against 25 km for the Toyota.

The specifications used are those announced by the manufacturers and not from independent tests.
Then to be really fair, this ranking should include the size of the battery/weight and power as the 18kW of the Mia Electric aren’t exactly comparable to the 225kW of the Tesla Roadster!

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