Google autonomous car: already 300,000 miles without an accident


Google's autonomous cars just passed the milestone of 300,000 accident free miles over a period of 2 years!

It's official, the Google self-driving vehicles have just achieved 300,000 miles (482,803 kms) of crash-free testing. This notable feat was accomplished by summing the mileage of its Prius and Lexus RX450h test-vehices that have been chosen to be equipped with the system developed by the Internet giant and based on cameras and sensors.

But for now -although it can already drive on public roads in Nevada- the car must convince the public on the main question that remains, safety! It is therefore imperative that the routes of the driverless Google Cars go as smoothly as possible. This is why each trip is carefully analyzed before the passage of the car. Areas that could be snowy and icy are systematically excluded from the route. In addition there is always at least one person in the car to take back the control at the slightest failure.

Google is more than ever convinced of the usefulness of the concept. There are several reasons for this, the time that spend in our car every day (an average 52 minutes in America) while it would be possible to do other things during this commute. But also the number of accidents that cost the lives of 1.2 million people per year according to the WHO.

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