(VIDEO) Organic Transit Elf... an electrically assisted tricycle equipped with solar panels


This electrically assisted tricycle coming from the United States is fitted with solar panels on its roof, enough to extend the mobility of the vehicle...

We see them emerge in the streets of our cities. Weather protection, ideal size, ease of use and silence are their main assets... They are used to transport tourists visiting the city or to deliver groceries from your local supermarket.


These tricycles with body panels, requiring no insurance, have a limited range… The OT Elf can go further, in addition to the plug, solar panels recharge the vehicle battery for a range announced to nearly 50km (30 miles).

If the 158kg payload of the Elf are not enough for you the cargo version called Truckit can welcome up to 363kg.
The headlights, rear lights and side repeaters are LED.

Depending on the version and options, prices range from $ 3900 for the Elf (3150 €) to $ 5500 (€ 4440) for the Truckit. Commercialization of the Elf is planned in the U.S. next fall.

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