(VIDEO) Toyota didn’t win this year in Le Mans for their comeback, already looks forward 2013!


Despite two high-performance prototypes that met all the expectations for the return of the brand on the legendary Le Mans race-track, even leading the race for several minutes, both hybrid LMP1 had to abandon, one after a spectacular collision, the other due to a mechanical failure.


The two prototypes developed by the racing branch of Toyota (Toyota Motorsport GmbH-TMG) based in Germany have shown that the brand’s hybrid technology could also allow race-performances, offering a test in extreme conditions to the full hybrid technology found in the Prius, the Auris or Yaris (just a few horsepower difference...)

Toyota was able to put its nose in front and raise doubts among the multiple winners of the 24h race for their return, here is a great feat to celebrate!

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