(VIDEO) How to turn your car into an hybrid vehicle for 3000$?


Transform its internal combustion vehicle in an plug-in hybrid car that uses half as much gasoline could become a reality in the short term thanks to the technology developed by the University of Middle Tennessee. If the idea is not new, the cost of the device, below $ 3,000 makes it rather attractive.


A team of students managed by the Professor Charles Perry worked on the project for 5 years. The result exceeds the expectations, as the first tests have showed a gasoline consumption decrease by 50% in town on a 1994 gasoline Honda estate!

How does it work? Two electric motors attached to each hub provide energy directly to the rear wheels, they are powered by a lithium-ion battery placed in the trunk. No modifications on the chassis of the car are necessary:
“The whole point was to demonstrate the feasibility of adding the electrical motor to the rear wheel of the car without changing the brakes, bearings, suspension — anything mechanical,” Dr Perry.

The method avoids heavy modifications like installing an electric motor on a driveshaft and the inherent powerloss.


Simple, does not mean that everyone will be able to install it alone, it requires mechanical and electrical knowledge and this retrofit technology might not be homologated everywhere (EU regulations…). Another important detail, users will have to forget their trunk as it now houses the battery and management system -nonetheless, the final package could be two to three times smaller...

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