MercierJones, a stylished hybrid hovercraft in the works


An hybrid hovercraft with sports-car looks, that is the vehicle two cousins have imagined, they hope to raise $ 50 000 for the construction of several prototypes.

Launched last month, the fund rising allowed them to collect over $ 3500 yet -16 days left.

MercierJones_Hovercraft (2).jpg

Super-car lines, directional propellers on the sides, honeycomb air intakes. There's some R8 and "Transformers" in the design of this hovercraft. About the building it is more advanced than a simple computer modeling study as tests of the structure, chassis and engine were performed.

The airboat will be propelled by an hybrid engine located in the back using a V-Twin as generator!

MercierJones_Hovercraft (8).jpg  
Overall few technical informations have been distilled on the web and on the website that hosts the project of the two cousins (Indiegogo)… For one dollar, you will get an airboat ride, for 80 dollars you’ll get a test drive while 15,000 dollars will make you the one of the first owners of this airboat.

Article by Jeremi Michaux / Via Gas 2.0 
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