(VIDEO) Electric dream bike, a vintage Norton, roars like a V8 and surfs the web with an integrated iPad!


Our time is about green and sustainable mobility and vintage vehicles are no exception. In this case, it is 60 years old Norton converted to electric propulsion and featuring an integrated iPad.

Moto_Electra_Norton (3).jpg 

Who said that an oldtimer bike necessarily meant pollution and global warming? Certainly not Brian Richardson who modified a vintage frame to fit an electric drivetrain.

The base is one of the biggest myths on two wheels, the Norton Featherbed gave birth to the Moto-Electra, a performance electric motorcycle that we saw racing in the TTXGP U.S. Championship including at the Miller Motorsports Park.


Besides a completely redesigned structure, the Moto Electra has a virtual sound technology of its motor (XLR8) to terrify large cubes that would come on its way, and is also connected to the web via the integrated iPad.

The secret dream of Richardson, was to compete in the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days with his electric motorcycle and has been heightened by the federation last month. The man wanted to present its baby in this challenge of "oldies" because he believes firmly that the coming era will be the one of electric motorcycles and in that sense he has already taken a step ahead!

And to hear the V8 that hides in the Moto Electra, it's here 
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