(VIDEO) Rover Curiosity, landing of the nuclear robot tomorrow on Mars


The Curiosity Rover is a robot designed to explore Mars, the Rover’s mission left in November 2011. After 9 months of travel, tomorrow will be the epilogue of the trip with the long-awaited landing of the Rover.


The size of a compact-car, to enter the Martian atmosphere, Curiosity will have to survive at speeds of 19800kph and temperatures up to 1700°C thanks to a heat shield. Then the rover will be dropped to the surface by a gantry equipped with retrorockets thanks to 7 meters of cable.

The mission Curiosity will study the mineralogical composition and cosmic flow from the crater Gale, the rover can climb hills up to 45° and is equipped with 6 wheels and 17 cameras.

Powered by a nuclear thermo electric generator the 900kg robot’s mission should last 2 years but its range could reach 16 years!

The landing phase should last seven intense minutes...

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