A road version of Edison2’s Very Light Car coming soon!


The Edison2 Very Light Car, cleanest car in the world according to the Automotive X Prize might soon  be available in a road legal version. A contest is organized by the company that designed the VLC to draw the best-looking aerodynamic door handle.

VLC_series_model (1).jpg 

Among the 53 other cars presented at the prestigious Automotive X Prize in 2010, the Very Light Car (VLC) won the 5 million euros prize in the prototype category. And this money has been used wisely, as the winning team is now at the stage of 3D modeling for a retail version. The link is undeniable between the two car-like spacecrafts...
VLC_series_model (2).jpg 
On both models: protruding wheels and large windows. Still, some differences are noticeable on the new version, a small front bumper and a raised clearance. Hopefully, these cosmetic changes will keep the drag coefficient as low as the 0.16 from its predecessor, the best known for a four-seater.

The company Edison 2 ensures that original idea will be preserved such as the chassis of the VLC that weighed just 30 kilos and its ultra efficient motor which allowed it to achieve a range of 114 miles from a 10.5kWh battery (rechargeable in 7h).
VLC_series_model (1).png 
The X Prize did not only reward the most environmentally friendly vehicle but also the most efficient car for everyday use, the winner was named after various challenges. These include a “hill-climb”, braking distance, range, emissions of CO2 or crash-test ...

The design competition for the door handles is opened on the Local Motors site until August 12th. The first prize will win $ 2500 dollars.

For the record and electric version of the car, the eVLC is also under study.

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