(VIDEO) Hiriko foldable electric car in Spanish streets


Highly anticipated given its ability to park easily in small spaces, the 100% electric car with a 12 minutes fast charge should be launched in 2013.

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Being able to park easily without having to make multiple rounds of the block or being forced to park miles away from your house could become true! Imagine that you could park in a space of 1.6 m (or 1.1m less than a Smart), while keeping a normal car the rest of the time, here is Hiriko.

Introduced a few times since the inception of the project by the MIT, the Hiriko will be produced in Europe by a consortium of companies.

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In road mode, the Hiriko measures almost the same size as a Smart (2.5m) but it folds by 1m allowing the driver to park in the smallest and most inaccessible spots, as to ease the pain, the car features 4 directional wheels... A 100% electric city dream car§

Built by the Spanish Afypaida and Denokinn with the help of MIT, it has a range of 120 km and can travel up to 60 kph, limiting its use to the city, but there its maneuverability and modularity are excellent.

Its launch is expected by 2013 at a price of 12,500 euros, it should also enter car-sharing services.

Here is a demonstration of the prototype in motion

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