First electric chopper bike made in the USA, the M-1 by Marrs Cycles


After the chopper bikes, these bikes with Harley-Davidson looks, here are their electric versions! More extreme than the PG-Bikes BlackBlock 2, here is the Marss M-1, an electric bike "hand-crafted" in USA!


Eventhough you might think that the brand’s name comes from the extraordinary design of the machine, it is simply the founder’s name, Kacy Marss. During a convalescence after a crash in free-style cross, he got the idea to put an electric motor in these bikes not really common in Europe but that are a hit on the west coast of the United States. The idea is nothing revolutionary but we must recognize that the result is original and well finished.

Whether with the wood or black matte finish- whose most visible part is the central case which houses the battery- it looks awesome! Large tires like on a 125cc bike, an endless chain with an offset crankset, the saddle on springs, or the rear hub which features the electric motor and a drum brake ... The beast is designed to roll on anything!

Marss_M1_e-bike (5).jpg 

Fully assembled by hand, the pricing is a little high but comparable to “similar” products. A whoping $6,499 (€ 5,285 at today’s exchange rate) for this UFO on wheels... But for that price you get the American dream!

For now its detailed specs sheet is undisclosed, only one information is available, the battery is a 48V for 15 amps, the first "production" units are expected by year-end.

Marss_M1_e-bike (2).jpg  
Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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