(VIDEO) Around the World in an electric car, two visions cross China


Two different crews are currently in the middle of a world tour in electric car: one in a Citroën C-Zero and the other in a Tesla Roadster.

How to discover the world with zero emissions and a minimum budget? “Just” go for a world tour in an electric car. You will meet the local people in small villages, recharge your batteries there and even sleep in their house if the contact is good. It is this mode of travel that Xavier and Antonin chose, two young engineers convinced by electric mobility and travel.


Their "Electric Odyssey" began last February in Strasbourg. Their goal: travel 25,000 kilometers across 17 countries spending only 250€, for as many recharges of the batteries. Once the project down on paper, they needed a car that would achieve this performance and Citroen offered them to do it with a C-Zero. 

Apart from the car they are on their own, without support, triggering funny situations, as when they try to explain to Chinese farmers that they need a plug to recharge their car, and mispronounce the only two phrases they have learned in their French-Chinese dictionary... They finally made their point with signs but the village chief asked to drive the silent car to the first plug! An anecdote among others on the road of the two adventurers, two Phileas Fogg from Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days.

Awaiting for the video of the adventures in China here is a look to their trip in Japan

The title of this masterpiece from the French writer, has inspired another world tour with a philosophy somewhat different. Its name, 80edays for... the number of days that Rafael de Mestre has set to achieve a world tour.

In the 80e days / 1e-race , it is more about speed because it is a real race against the clock (as in our Tour de France in seven days, also with a Tesla).

These two initiatives, antagonistic at first sight tend toward the same goal, the promotion of clean mobility and can be summarized by a sentence of the two Frenchies, "If an electric car can go around the world, anyone can use it for his daily commute"

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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