(VIDEO) Electric bikes faster than 600cc at Laguna Seca

Update of July 30th article with a video

The third round of the FIM e-Power, a championship for electric motorcycles, saw these motorsport aliens make faster laps than the 600cc. The revolution is underway in the small world of motorcycle racing.


Once will not hurt, this weekend (as in the Refuel Races) you could have a normal conversation without raising your voice, around the legendary Laguna Seca race track. It was the third round of the FIM E-power which features the best in electric motorcycle.

The winner of this weekend is Michael Barnes on Barracuda Lightning with a race finished in 14'32 .060 minutes. The driver reached the top speed of 232 kph and gained more than 4 seconds per lap over last year. Barnes now boasts that his electric motorcycle is faster than any 600cc bike on this very technical circuit.

His goal for next year is to be faster than 1000cc. Interesting anecdote, the batteries of the Lightning have been charged with solar panels placed next to the circuit. The team wanted to prove that motorsport can be "green."

ePower_LagunaSeca_2012 (4).jpg 

Barnes competed with the two drivers of the Icon-Brammo team, Steve Atlas and Eric Bostrom. Despite the good performance of these gentlemen, a girl, Katja Poensgen on Muench Racing TTE keeps the head of the world championship by finishing fifth.


She now has 55 points at the overall and her teammate Himmelmann seventeen points away. Next race will be held on August 11 in Oscherleben (Germany).

Article by Jeremi Michaux // Photos via FIM  
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