(VIDEO) Electric scooter, BMW confirms its ambitions with a new prototype (BMW C Evolution)


After the BMW Concept-e prototype that gave life to the C600 and C650GT maxi-scooters, the Bavarian brand reaffirms its commitment to electric mobility with the C Evolution, a vehicle closer to a pre-production vehicle ...


Manga and flashy look, the C Evolution is not just about style and design…

The specific structure is built around the battery and provides great rigidity to the frame and supplants the conventional chassis.

BMW managed to place 8kWh of battery almost invisibly and with great stability and handling via the low center of gravity. The regenerative braking allows to improve the range for some 100km announced.

The electric motor of the prototype develops 11kW (15hp) in continuous and 35kW (47hp) in peak resulting in a top speed of 120kph and acceleration similar to its cousin the C600.

Finally, the C Evolution has ABS brakes, LED daytime running lights and a TFT control screen.

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