(VIDEO) Better Place ready Aussie electric sedan breaks 24h range record - Commodore EV


The Commodore is the flagship of the Australian manufacturer Holden, a car available as a sedan or estate. Initially equipped with V6 or V8 engines, seven Commodore Calais (two estates, five sedans) went in the hands of EV Engineering, a startup based in Melbourne who converted the cars that weight only 140kg more!


The electric motor of 140kW and 400Nm offers a nice acceleration from 0 to 100kph in 8.5 seconds for 160km of range in NEDC cycle.

Integrating Better Place’s battery swap technology, one of the electric Commodores has achieved a record range, travelling no less than 1886km on 24h beating (unofficially) the record set by the Renault Zoé a few months ago.

“The cars have surpassed our expectations, and many people have said they are the best electric cars they have ever driven. This gives us confidence that in the next phase we will achieve our second project goal of demonstrating the customer attractiveness of a large electric car,”Ian McCleave, CEO of EV Engineering

This record has been set on a loop of 122km on open roads. For now made as a simple test, out of curiosity, an official attempt could take place soon.

The fleet of seven vehicles will be tested by companies over the next two years
After this phase of testing  EV Engineering's idea is to offer conversion of ICE vehicles to private customers...

Photos credits TheAge-Drive 

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