(VIDEO) 326kph in an electric plane, new speed record for Chip Yates


Just a few hours/days after the first taxiing tests (see July 15th article), Chip Yates took-off yesterday for a record attempt on board of the Electric Long ESA, a 258hp electric airplane built from a Burt Rutan design.


Between the announcement last May 16 and the (almost maiden) flight leading directly to a new speed record, it did not take long to Chip to achieve its goal, the barrier of 200mph and a top speed of 202.6mph reached, 326kph!


With such quick developments the FlightoftheCentury team should succeed without difficulty in staying in the schedule, except that with the IREF (an electric airplane with infinite range thanks to UAV battery packs) they are plunged into the unknown, unlike the electrification of a plane that is relatively under control.

Chip will present the plane of the record and the complete video at the EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh, which begins in three days.

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