The electric Renault Fluence, price and details

Renault presented the final version of the Fluence ZE at the Paris Auto Show, test drive were also available. To be commercialized by 2011 in Israel, Denmark and Europe.

Longer than the combustion version by 13cm (5,12 inches), the trunk size equals a compact car capacity due to the battery pack.

Renault signed an agreement with the Israeli government and the company Better-Place to develop the appropriate offer and infrastructure.

There are three recharging options 
-Standard takes from 4 to 8 hours on a standard plug
-Quick takes 20 minutes on a specific charge point
-The “Quickdrop” system, a battery swap technology developed by Better-Place.

To avoid the range anxiety, the drive instruments have been specially studied.
-The on-board computer is adapted, it lists the range in km, the average energy consumption and the remaining energy.
-The intelligent Carminat TomTom navigation system takes that information into account and tells you where the next charging stations are.
-Energy recuperation from braking and a “kind of” KERS technology helps to improve the range.

If that vehicle type, sedan, doesn’t suits you, don’t worry, Renault has already plenty of other electric models planned for next years; Twizy and Kangoo in mid 2011, and the Zoe in 2012.

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