(VIDEO) Nissan Leaf limo, “Electric transportation for the masses” !


After the first spyshots, Nissan officially communicates on this Leaf limousine, the first electric-car limo.


This vehicle is a special order from Embassy Suites in Nashville, a shuttle for their VIP customers.

You have never seen anything like it.  Inside it's a limo and outside it's a stretched Nissan LEAF. "This is the world's first road-worthy, licensed, street legal electric limousine, and this is it," said Trevor Goulding, director of sales for Embassy Suites Nashville South.

The transformation has been carried out by a company in Missouri, the Leaf limousine can comfortably welcome eight passengers (driver included), however, it keeps a single battery pack which is now placed at the rear for better weight distribution.

If the battery pack stays stock, we are curious to know the range that the vehicle can offer!

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