(VIDEO) Jay Leno tests ViaMotors’ eRev40 pickup VTrux (100mpg)


Petrolhead converted to electricity since the Volt, Bob Lutz (see Revenge of the Electric Car) manages a new US manufacturer, Via Motors. Based on GM vehicles, Via Motors is developing three models at the U.S. format, utility vehicles and SUV, mainly dedicated to fleets.


Using the same principle as the Chevrolet Volt, the ViaMotors' extended-range technology is based on a “small” (according to Bob Lutz) 4.3l V6 coupled to an 150kW electric generator, the electric motor itself develops 402hp (300kW), it is powered by a 24kWh lithium-ion battery.

Named ERev40 this technology allows a 40miles (64km) range in pure electric, and 2.35l per 100km (100mpg) with the help of the combustion engine for an additional run of 400miles (644km).

Operating at constant RPMs, the V6 is 3 times more efficient than when in direct. The 0-100kph takes less than 10 seconds with a top speed of 137kph (85mph).

The first deliveries of production models are expected in 2013 for an estimated price of $ 79,000. Meanwhile, early adopters can test Beta vehicles and allow feedback.

The power of the battery or the generator can be used to power tools or even a home ...
Suburban and Van versions are also available.

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