(VIDEO) Chip Yates switches to Aircraft, doesn‘t forget speed records


We introduced the FlightoftheCentury project in May and their crazy idea of a transatlantic flight with an electric aircraft that would be recharged by UAV batteries.


Before the development of the IREF (Infinite Range Electric Flight) aircraft itself, Chip Yates does not forget his classics and we will soon attempt a speed record for an electric aircraft (currently held by the French CriCri with 283kph) on board the Electric Long-ESA.

From a Burt Rutan design, Flight Of The Century engineers built this prototype that will allow to test the electric drive and technology under development for the IREF.

Burt Rutan’s Long-EZ converted to electric has two records in sight, speed and altitude for an electric airplane with pilot, hence the name ESA (Electric Speed & Altitude), the record flights will be carried-out within the summer.

The first Taxiing tests of the Long-ESA took place this weekend.

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