(VIDEO) XAM by Team H2politO, less than 1l per 100km!


The H2politO Team is a group of 50 students from the Polytechnic University of Turin, they develop two vehicles for the Shell Eco-Marathon, one is hydrogen powered, the other hybrid.

One of them, the Idra is a record prototype (3023km traveled this year with the equivalent of one liter of gasoline), the other, the XAM has been developed as a highly efficient and realistic city-car both in terms of design and technology.

Its visit to Pinifarina’s wind tunnel is a good opportunity for a focus on the vehicle.


Created for the Shell Eco-Marathon , H2politO had to follow specific requirements, minimizing the weight, aerodynamic design ... Designed to take part in the Challenge under the Urban Concept category, the idea for the XAM (eXtreme Automotive Mobility) is to develop a vehicle as close as possible to a commercially viable urban vehicle.

Its engine is a parallel hybrid based on a gasoline engine (displacement undisclosed) and an electric motor which is powered by a supercapacitor making the link between the two energies.

XAM_H2politO (3).jpg 

In the 2012 edition of the Shell Eco Marathon, the XAM improved its record consumption by 7km with 107km /liter! Last year, the XAM had already received the Design Award and displayed emissions of 29.46g/km only!

For cost and sustainability reasons, carbon has been left aside in favor of natural fibers (flax) for the body, the chassis is made out of aluminium for a total weight of 193kg …

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