Tour de France - 4219km in an electric scooter, Vianney did it!


Left on June 1st, Vianney came back last week ending its Zero Emission Tour after having traveled 4219km on its electric scooter in one month: 14 regions with a 10 €/day budget.


Still in shorts, and despite a weather that has not always been favorable, Vianney returns from his expedition respecting the deadline and with a Govecs GO S2.4 that asks form more!

With two stops per day on average, Vianney Bureau achieved daily stages of up to 165km and climbs to heights greater than 2000 meters.

To give you an idea of the route, the milestones have been Paris, Le Mans, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Cannes, Monaco, Grenoble, Lyon, Reims and then back to the capital

Apart from a flat tire no incident to declare on the journey

Here is an overview of the landscapes.

Zero_Emission_Tour_Govecs (1).jpg
Zero_Emission_Tour_Govecs (1).jpg 
Zero_Emission_Tour_Govecs (1).jpg  
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