The Opel Ampera, Europe’s best selling electric car


The car of the year 2012 is also the best-seller electric car in Europe. The Opel Ampera is well over 20% market share in sales of electric cars.


“Our sales data and customer feedback confirms that we are definitely on the right track with the Ampera”,. “Especially in markets with governmental incentives like the Netherlands we have performed very well.”
Enno Fuchs, Opel’s e-mobility launch director

To give some figures, the biggest sales of the Opel are in the Netherlands where it represents over 77% of market share in May 2012. Other strong positions in Germany and Switzerland where it makes respectively 33 and 45% of sales.

Also named Green Car of 2011 with over 50 national and international awards, the Ampera justifies this status by customer feedback and sales over the past year.

The Opel Ampera is an electric car with extended-range, powered by a Lithium Ion battery of 16kWh which feed the 111kW electric motor. In electric mode, maximum range stands at 80km for up to 500km in combined.

Great performance for the Ampera, however some may consider that it is more an hybrid than an electric car with its range extender... 

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