(VIDEO) Renault Clio 4 - record emissions for diesel and gasolines engines (Energy dCi 90 & TCe 90)


Renault's objective for the new Clio is clear, the leadership in CO2 emissions. It also follows the trend of customization and features impressive techs for a compact-car.


The Clio 4 receives new engines that receive in the Eco2 versions gearboxes with long ratios for lower consumption and emissions. The result is a record for the class, but especially for a non-hybrid in both petrol and diesel!

Energy TCe 90:
This new three-cylinder turbo gasoline 900cm3 engine develops 90hp for 135Nm of torque. Fitted with the start/stop, it announces 4.3l/100km of average consumption for emissions of only 99g/km. Consumption figure is down by 21% compared with the previous generation of gasoline engine, the TCe 100.

Energy dCi 90:
This four-cylinder 90hp engine is also updated and offers 10% more torque (220Nm) for an average consumption of 3.2l and emissions of 83g/km.

The ADEME and TechVehi podiums have a new champion…

Renault_Clio_4.jpg Renault_Clio_4.jpg 

On the technology and customization side:

-Arrival of the dual clutch 6-speed gearbox EDC
-Bluetooth as series for the whole range with USB and jack
-Rear-view camera
-Integrated tablet connected to the internet with its 7 inch screen (R-Link)

-Various options for interior and exterior customization
-Also note the Renault R-Sound Effect offering six "engine environments"

About its design, here are the videos to discover the car from every angle

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