Sued by Europcar, Paris’ Autolib' may have to change its name!


Names for car-sharing services are a big deal recently... After the affair that involved Car2Go in Lyon and Car’Go, it is now Autolib who could be forced to change its name.

The rental giant Europcar has sued the service of electric car sharing because its name "interferes" with the service "AutoLiberté" offered by Europcar -allowing to rent a car for one hour up to a month with a small subscritpion fee.


However, on March 11 the city of Paris had won in court. The first judgment took into account the "intellectual logic connecting the service offered under the brand Velib 'to describe similar services to those proposed for the bikes to car users."

So it's finally on appeal that Europcar has won the case (for now). The city of Paris states that "Autolib is the outright declination of Velib 'and that no confusion is possible with the service Autoliberté by Europcar."

Without a further appeal, Autolib' would have to change its name within a month.

Via LeParisien / LeFigaro
Article by Quentin Maizières
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