(VIDEO) Lotus tests its hybrid sports-car with range extender (Evora 414E)


The Lotus Evora 414Evolution was developed by Lotus Engineering, the powertrain relies on two electric motors and a three cylinder 1.3l petrol engine used as generator.

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Originally presented as a simple technology demonstrator, the tests of a preproduction version have just started with promising features and technologies.

Lotus aims to give a soul to hybrid cars, re-engage the driver and make the most of technology.

In figures, the two electric motors placed on the rear axle offer a total of 414hp and 1000Nm of torque, enough to get from 0 to 100kph in under 4 seconds and reach a max speed limited to 210kph easily. Thanks to the 17kWh Lithium Polymer battery, the range in electric only is announced at 48km and 483km in combined mode while emission target is at 55g/km

Until then, it is "relatively" classic, here is the rest:

Independent wheels
The independent back wheels are managed by a torque vectoring technology.

Virtual Transmission
The prototype has a virtual 7-speed transmission that mimics a dual clutch gearbox feeling, further enhanced by a modulated torque.
The speeds are also used for deceleration with a simulation of downshift that operate different levels of regenerative braking.

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Sound simulator for the exterior and interior
Developed with HALOsonic, the car features a pedestrian warning system up to 75kph when pedestrians are detected within 60 meters.
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