Heuliez Mia release date and price

After many financial troubles the french company Heuliez, has been taken over by a german company, and some of its activities have been splitted to focus on electric mobility and finally launch the model that used to be Heuilez’s “Friendly”  now called the “Mia”. 

Mia’s original seating position with 3 seats, driver in the middle and passengers in the back combined with slidding doors allows a great flexibility and interior space.
The 2,87m car  (9,2 feet) will first be released for public fleets in June 2011 then to private costumers from 2012. It is priced at 19500€, with the French “bonus ecologique” you can discount 5000€ making the electric Mia an attractive value for money.
Its 18kW engine allows a 110kph top speed (68mph). The LiFePo4 battery pack offers a 100km range (62 miles) and can be recharged on a household plug in 2h30. 

Alternatively, you can buy a more powerfull battery pack to have a 81miles range.
In addition to the 2,87meters version a longer Mia is also available (3,19m) either in a 4 seat or utility version.

The car will be exclusively built in France.  

Source : NouvelObs Auto
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