(VIDEO) Retro Electro Apache 1958, a vintage electric pickup


The Canadian brewer has a fleet of 10 vintage vehicles but one of them is a bit greener than the others "better faster cleaner," Retro Electro is a 1958 Apache pick-up converted to electric.


The conversion has been handed-over to Azure Dynamics and Electric Auto Sports, with the aim of achieving utility vehicle specs for everyday use while keeping the original spirit of the vehicle: “Hot Rod, Fast, Burnout”

True barn find, this pickup has been completely restored with the help of the best craftsmen and specialists. Designed in a logic of sustainable development, even the electricity that powers it-BullFrogPower-comes from renewable sources.


Idea born in 2009, the conversion and shift from the V8 to the brushless gave birth to a series of episodes that you can find below.

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