Citroen C-Zero at €90/month, sold-out within 24 hours!


Booking our Citroen C-Zero (that you will discover in the coming weeks!), we took the opportunity to discuss with the dealer to know what was the return from the public...

The press conference has been held on Thursday between 12 and 1 pm, the information then spread like wildfire in the hours that followed, our C-Zero signed at 2pm on Friday was already one of the last!

The 200 units have been sold in just 24 hours, a flying start for Citroen’s peer to peer car-sharing service to be launched on the Multicity portal, in partnership with Zilok Auto.

The offer was a lease of C-Zero on 23 months with 20.000km included for only  €90/month only obligation of renter, register the car on the Multicity portal.
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