Citroen has just invented the car that makes money: C-Zero, Multicity and car-sharing


During a press conference this afternoon, Citroen has announced they were extending the Muliticity service with an offer of leasing at 90 € / month! Let’s say it again, € 90 per month!!


This offer allows you to go electric, with no initial deposit for an unbeatable price! You only have to register your car on Multicity’s carsharing website developped with Zilok Auto.

 Zilok is a site launched in 2007 that allows to rent anything between individuals, and leads the collaborative consumption movement in France. Since the beginning,  cars were available on the website, this section that showed the highest growth rate gave life to a dedicated website, Zilok Auto. Launched earlier this year it offers no less than 3000 vehicles and works with e-reputation tools for the car, owner and user.

How is Citroën profitable at this price? They have an agreement with Zilok, you, the owner of the initial rental contract with Citroen get 40% of the rent’s amount, Citroen and Zilok Auto share the rest.

To give you some rental statistics:

Zilok Auto users rent an average 3.5 days per month for a budget of € 110
Citroen recommend a price of 30 € / day

While until today, the cheapest way to get an EV was the Bolloré BlueCar at € 330/month, the C-Zero at this price is likely to be sold out quickly.

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