(VIDEO) FBike, what about a flying bicycle!?


Here is an electric bike a bit special, measuring 3.50 m long and 2.50m wide, it has six propellers that enable it to take-off. Resulting from a partnership between Technodat, Duratec and Evektor, for now at the concept stage, the prototype of FBike should make its maiden flight in August.

FBike_flyingbikeconcept (7).jpg 

The idea was born last October, the partners decided to create an electric bike that could allow for short flights (up to 5 minutes).

A project similar to the Hoverbike, but only relying on muscular strength.
In total six propellers, two contra-rotating positioned at the front and rear, and two singles on the side to stabilize the FBike.

FBike_flyingbikeconcept (9).jpg 

The flying bicycle in figures :

Each propeller has its own motor, front and rear-ones are developing 10kW and 3.5kW for the side motors.

A 20kg Li Po battery of 50Ah -whose location has been thought for an optimal center of gravity of the craft- ensures 3 to 5 minutes of flight range, from 30 to 50 on the road with lateral propellers support for a maximum speed of 50kph.

The total weight of the FBike is 85kg.

When will we see the FBike in our streets? (Fortunately), it is a one-off technology demonstrator designed to be presented at the International Engineering Fair in Brno in September.

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