(VIDEO) Pininfarina’s HYbus –the hybrid bus special crisis- in the streets of Turin


The hybrid bus designed by Pininfarina that we introduced last October was presented in the streets of Turin late May

Hybrid vehicles are still expensive and some cities cannot afford to make such investments, despite the needs of fleet renewal and emission reduction.
Enzo Lavolta, in charge of innovation and sustainable development for the city of Turin says that "the city is considering a 40% reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide by 2020," not easy in such a context...

Pininfarina_hybus (3).jpg 
The HYbus was demonstrated on the Piazza San Carlo during an exhibition of green vehicles in the city, in partnership with the foundation Telios.

Main objective of the operation, to prove the capability and viability of the HYbus project that recycles old buses by refurbishing the interior and switching the powertrain for an hybrid one.

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The result is a bus 60% cheaper (compared with the purchase a new bus) and significantly lower emissions thanks to the 1.3 JTD Multijet which is used as a generator.

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