(VIDEO) The first Skoda Octavia Green E Line handed to an “individual"


We announced in late August 2011, that 10 units of the electric Skoda Octavia were being built to test the electric drivetrain.

On 3,000 requests, one employee from Skoda, Libor Kuzel has been chosen to test the Octavia Green E Line in real conditions for six months.


The vehicles traveled no less than 50,000 km and are equipped with telemetry instruments operated via UMPS providing feedback in real time to evaluate the influence of the weather and driving conditions.

The Skoda Green E Line has an electric motor that develops 116hp in peak for a torque of 270 nm, allowing a maximum speed of 135kph, range is listed at 150 km.

For now, the VW group has not announced anything about a launch of this model but it is Skoda’s only 100% electric prototype.

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