PG-Bikes BlackBlock 2, badass electric bike gets 2 motors as standard


We follow this very original German brand since their debut, initially specialized in the design of bicycle frames, they quickly choose to electrify their range with three technological options pedelec and e-bike (with a throttle) limited to 25 and 45kph, not to mention their hear turner, the BlackTrail.

With this experience they have also introduced an electric sports-car, the PG Elektrus based on the Lotus Elise with a carbon body.

Going back to their range of bikes, in total, there was seven models each with a pedelec, 25kph and 45kph e-bike variants... Not very easy for production, especially since the frames are handmade!

This year, PG-Bikes decided to simplify the range of electric bikes by offering only the BlackBlock 2 (and of course the BlackTrail) in pedelec or e-bike.

The BlackBlock 2 receives two (exclusive) Heinzmann motors with combined powers of 250Watt to meet the pedelec standard, or 1000Watt for speeds of respectively 25 and 45kph. To manage the power, transmission is handled by a 8-speed Shimano XT.

On the safety side, the BlackBlock 2 is fitted with a halogen headlight and LED on the back, braking is in turn assigned to two 180mm Magura discs.

The range that the 486Wh Lithium-Ion battery confers is not announced but should ensure a minimum of 50km despite the weight of 35kg.

BlackBlock2 (3).jpg 

To compensate the simplification of the range PG-Bikes focuses on personalization with a configurator that allows you to customize 7 elements with 13 different colors.

The BlackBlock2 is priced at € 5999 with a 2 year warranty.
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