(VIDEO) An electric Skoda with 4WD and 285hp: the Schaeffler ACTIVeDRIVE

Update from 2012 June 15th' article with a new video demo of the vehicle.

The first “Bodensee-Elektrik” zero-emissions Rally hosted Schaeffler ACTIVeDRIVE’s prototype "a test bench, a technology demonstrator and a mobile laboratory" says Peter Gutzmacher, board member responsible for R&D at the German group.

Schaeffler ACTIVeDrive2.jpg 

The ActiveDrive is a prototype based on a Skoda Scout that integrates the eDifferenzial technology. Developed in-house, this technology is an electric differential that serves both as transmission and the torque vectoring system.

eDifferenzial in eSolutions.jpg 

The proto presented –fully electric- receives two eDifferenzial on the front and rear axles but this technological solution could be fitted to hybrid vehicles, for example by placing this module relatively compact on the rear axle and keeping the internal combustion engine at the front.

The ActiveDrive weighs 1900kg, goes from 0 to 100kph in 8.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 150kph, its lithium-ion battery of 18kWh is placed in the center tunnel.

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Article by Quentin Maizères
Par Technologic Vehicles
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