The Lito Sora at Canada’s F1 Grand Prix, first deliveries within days!


The premium electric motorcycle Lito Sora that we introduced in April has been exhibited last weekend at the Formula 1 GP in Montreal. 

In an interview, its inventor Jean-Pierre Legris, founder of LitoGreenMotion told that the Sora "is innovation on two wheels, for an exclusive clientele, with an aluminum frame, carbon fiber body and a GPS system." 


Developed with universities from Quebec and other partners, this vehicle as also been designed by a Canadian, Martin Aubé. The Sora is a local product, spearhead of Canadian’s expertise. 

"The front-end of a sport bike, street-fighter like, naked and aggressive, and a custom/chopper rear-end."  

Main objective of Mr Legris during the weekend, develop contacts both in North America or Europe (the bike has also been presented at the Top Marques show in Monaco, video below), the first deliveries are scheduled for this summer. A dozen of contacts have been forged during the Grand Prix. 

Powered by a 12kWh Lithium Polymer battery (16kWh for a Mitsubishi i-MiEV ...) this Lito Sora (Sky in Japanese) can travel no less than 300 km on a single charge and exceed 160 kph! 

Lito_Sora_greenmotion (2).jpg 

It will be assembled at the Longueuil plant near Montreal. 
On the production side Jean-Pierre Legris hopes to build 200 to 500 units per year for a sales price of $ 43,000 in Canada and € 36,000 in Europe. 

Article by Quentin Maizières
Par Technologic Vehicles
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