Twizy Way : Renault's 2-seater EV now officially in QR code car-sharing test program


We announced it in preview last April, Renault officially revealed today the launch of their Twizy–sharing program. The project initially called Twizy Mobility, is finally dubbed Twizy Way and will available to the public in late September 2012. 

First, from June 21st Twizy Way will be tested in the city of St Quentin en Yvelines with 50 cars and 200 testers. This service aims to facilitate intermodality as a complement to public transport. 

No station for the cars and one way trips on an area of 27km ². An application allows to locate the nearest car. Twizy Way can be used without reservation, by simply flashing the QR code of the car with your phone, or by pre-booking, valid for a period of 15 minutes. 
Twizy_Way_Car-sharing_EV (2).jpg 
Two precisions, the car used will be the Twizy 80 and so far no pricing has been announced.
"With this pilot fleet, Renault wishes to confirm that the Twizy is particularly suited for a use in car-sharing services and will test the logistic necessary before a broadening of Twizy Way"
Thierry Viadieu, Director of the New Mobility Program at Renault
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