Electric trike by Decathlon, here it is! (B'Twin Velomobile)


Design and functionality have been the watchwords in this competition launched by B'Twin in partnership with Local Motors. 

To summarize the essential criterias submitted to Local Motors’ community of designers, this tricycle had to be foldable, protect from the elements, feature integrated lights ... 

Here are the winners, the last two of the podium have been elected by the community and the winner by B'Twin (six people: engineers, inventors, designers) 

#3 Urban Velo by the Italian Marcello Betoldi wins $ 2,500 


#2 B'Twin Urban Trike by Gonzalo Trasotero of Uruguay wins $ 5,000 

UrbanTrike_Gonzalo_Trasotero (2).jpg 

And the first place goes to New Zealander John Bukasa with $ 7,500 for the Velocity. John also wins the right to see his design take shape with a prototype. 

Velocity_John_Bukasa (3).jpg
Velocity_John_Bukasa (3).jpg 
Velocity_John_Bukasa (3).jpg 

In fact the Velocity presumably announce a medium-term series model find as, following the design competition, B'Twin launches a second competition this time for engineering on June 26th!
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