Bolloré BlueCar, an improved Autolib' in leasing, from 330 € per month


Already well known in Paris for the Autolib’ car-sharing service, you can now have your own BlueCar. 
You won’t be able to buy the Bolloré electric car, but you can rent it for a minimum of 3 months! Bolloré hopes to overcome the obstacles to the purchase of electric vehicles with a flexible offer. 


Initially announced in 2010 since, no news!
The delay of the Bolloré Group to launch its BlueCar could prove beneficial, the cars have now been tested and improved through Autolib’ and driver’s expectations are well known... 


Favoring Autolib to private customers, the Bolloré group had left over some 10000 potential customers orders… 2000 of them are still in- and will be happy to know that the first units will arrive in early June, and that they will be able to differentiate their cars from Autolibs with some color! 

Technologic flagship of the project, Bolloré’s Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) battery: insensitive to weather conditions it is only composed of non-polluting elements. This compact electric 4-seater has a range of 250km and a capacity of 30kWh for a top speed of 130kph (unlike the more urban oriented Autolib which is limited to 110kph). 

The BlueCar will be offered for lease only at a price of 330 € per month for a minimum of three months, allowing customers to go electric easily and without the prohibitive buying cost...
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