(VIDEO) The PGO e-Hemera revealed, bio-bodywork and range-extender!


We presented the prototype developed by the “Ecole des Mines d'Ales” with twenty partners under the name of the Emasia consortium last April. Designed from a PGO Hemera, the e-Hemera is an electric vehicle with range extender. 

PGO_e-Hemera_Emasia (2).JPG 

The prototype did its first laps at the SIA Trophy gathering French engineers around prototypes of green vehicles. 

Range extended vehicle (REV), 32 Yttrium Iron Phosphate battery modules (200kg) allow one hour of autonomy at 90kph, then, a 15kW Lombardini twin cylinder gasoline engine (which can also run on E85) takes over to feed the batteries. A full charge takes 5 hours on 32Amps plug. 

PGO_e-Hemera_Emasia (2).JPG  

The transmission remains the original one: a five-speed gearbox but without clutch. 

Its body parts and interior materials are bio-based, fiber flax, cork, greener and lighter! Even primer paint is green, it comes from recycled PET! 

PGO_e-Hemera_Emasia (2).JPG  

During the SIA Trophy at the Circuit de Versailles Satory, the car won the prize for quality and style and safety! 

You can find our pictures of the SIA Trophy on our facebook page (featuring the Sbarro Intencity prototype).

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