€ 18900 for a clone of electric Mercedes B Class, the BAIC E150EV


€ 18,900 is the price at which this BAIC will be offered to residents of Beijing. 

This BAIC E150EV has two big advantages, first, to acquire a car in Beijing, you must win the license plate lottery that allows you to register it! While an electric vehicle can be registered directly…

Then, you benefit from the governmental grant -far more consistent than the one we know in France, reaching € 15,200 (120.000RMB)- the final price of the car is therefore 150.000RMB / € 18,900. 

Although it strongly looks like the B-Class’ previous generation, the BAIC E150EV is based on the platform of the Mitsubishi Colt ...

Its specs sheet is not known yet but its range should be around 160km. 

Par Technologic Vehicles
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