(VIDEO) Electravia in the air and at Le Mans: MC30E and MP08E electric aircraft and openwheeler

The LSA MC30E Luciole (Firefly) is already known for its first flights in 2011, big brother of the CriCri MC15E its design is also from Michel Colomban. 


The 113kg aircraft (with battery and without pilot) is powered by a 26hp electric motor, it takes off in only 62m and set three world records (FAI) for its class (RAL1E) travelling a distance of 50.13km at a speed of 136.4kph with an altitude up to 2366 m. 

The novelty –also powered by Electravia- is the MP08-E an electric replica of openwheeler (at the 2/3rd) developed by the Team Galapiats that gathers young people from Grenoble aged from 10 to 17.


This car is a technology demonstratorshowing the skills of the Galapiats, its electric motor develops 26kW (35hp) for 52Nm of torque allowing it to reach 120kph, a 36.5kg 6kWh Lithium Polymer battery allows 1hour of range at 85kph. 
Demonstrations of the MP08-E are expected at 24h of Le Mans.

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