Le Mans 24h: GreenGT H2 will run the track in 2013 !


The latest prototype of GreenGT’s hydrogen race car has been presented this weekend at Le Mans during the test days. 


The range of pure electric vehicles still being limited (especially in race conditions) GreenGT has chosen to develop race specs fuel cell vehicles, to allow longer driving session but also quick change of the gas cylinders at the pits. 

The GreenGT H2 develops 544hp for 4000Nm of torque! Transmission to the rear wheels is managed without clutch or gears and thanks to a patented torque vectoring technology.

GreenGT_H2_LeMans2012 (2).jpg 

The two cylinders can hold 160litres (4kg) of hydrogen and for safety issues, they have a structure able to withstand impacts three times higher than those of FIA approved chassis! 

The 2012 H2 weighs 1240kg and can reach 300kph but for GreenGT for development is not over yet, they want to go below 1000kg for 1h of range to participate in the 24h of Le Mans in 2013!

GreenGT_H2_LeMans2012 (2).jpg 
Picture credit Hadrien Le Flanchec for TechVehi.com
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