The Zero Emission Tour, Vianney Bureau goes for a 3500 km trip in shorts and with a backpack!


In his bag, a t-shirt, a raincoat, a sleeping bag and a bottle of water, in the trunk a cover adapted to the scooter if it gets too cold, in the top case a cardboard with a few tools ... No doubts that Vianney likes adventure! 

ZeroEmissionTour (14).JPG 

After going to Spain hitchhiking, cycling from Le Croisic to London and many other adventures, Vianney’s last challenge is the Tour de France in an electric scooter. 

The idea came a year ago, and became true thanks to the support of Govecs, a manufacturer of electric scooters. 
Govecs designs and builds electric scooters in Germany since 2009. 

Not having his driving license, Vianney uses a scooter limited to 45kph (the GO! S 2.4) and has 10 € per day on the 31 days of his journey. 

The average daily distance of 120km is scheduled with two recharges per day. 
Vianney hopes to be able to sleep outside every night but will still accept invitations from the locals!

You can follow Vianney on his facebook page below.

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