Opel eco-mobility line up and focus on the Ampera

The Opel Ampera, (sister of the Chevy Volt) will be the first electric vehicle with extended-range capability in Europe. With its unique electric propulsion system providing lively acceleration and high levels of refinement, the five-door Ampera seats four passengers, offers ample trunk space and features an extended range of more than 500 kilometers.

The Ampera is powered by electricity at all times and speeds. For trips up to 60 km, power is supplied by the electricity stored in the 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery. While driving on electricity delivered by the battery, the Ampera emits zero CO2. 

When the battery runs low, the gasoline-fueled engine/generator seamlessly extends the total driving range to more than 500 kilometers on a full tank. The battery is recharged (in about three hours at 230v) by plugging the vehicle's on-board charge system into a standard household outlet. Unlike a conventional battery-electric vehicle, the Ampera eliminates range anxiety. It gives drivers the confidence and peace of mind that a depleted battery will not strand them.

The nearly silent electric drive unit delivers 370 Nm of instant torque, the equivalent of 150 horsepower, zero to 100 km/h acceleration in around nine seconds, and a top speed of 161 km/h.
The Opel Ampera is scheduled to go into production in late 2011. It will also be offered with right-hand drive in the United Kingdom by Opel’s sister-brand, Vauxhall.

This will expand the brand’s already existing ecological proposal EcoFlex. Before being reinforced by: 

-A likely electric Meriva production in the coming years: developed with Karlsruhe’s Instisute of Technology and their MeRegioMobil project. The electric Meriva has a 60kW / 82hp electric motor with torque ouput of 215 Nm. Thanks to the battery’s total energy of 16 kWh, a range of 64 km and a top speed of 130 km/h are possible. 

-And an electric Vivaro Concept revealed at the IAA 2010: the 111 kW electric motor in the Vivaro e-Concept propulsion system delivers 370Nm of torque and would offer 100 kilometers pure electric driving range. On longer, regional hauls or shuttle services, range-extender switches on, extending the total driving range to more than 400 kilometers.

Source: Opel
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