(VIDEO) B’Twin X-LIGHT by Vincent Montreuil, the modulable recumbent trike


Entries for the B’Twin Velomobile competition on Local Motors are now closed.
We will know by the end of the month which bike, or more likely which trike B'Twin could soon put on the roads of the world.


Here is a presentation of Vincent Montreuil’s pedelec trike, the X-LIGHT has two driving positions, one high, the other low. 

B-Twin_X-LIGHT (6).jpg 

To protect yourself from the weather, this trike has a very wide inflatable windshield a technology known as rigid air (see iGoal).

The battery is located under your seat, and in your back, a rack can be deployed to receive groceries or even a child seat.

B-Twin_X-LIGHT (6).jpg  

Customization will be possible with different shapes and colors for the windshield, options will also be possible to have a matching seat!

B-Twin_X-LIGHT (10).jpg 

Simple and very functional, Vincent takes a big step ahead with this project ...

We already spotted some nice designs from Vincent, in example we owe him the Saline Airstream...

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