Watch out Nissan, Top Gear readies a Westfield-based Deltawing


TopGear’s (brilliant) provocateurs are back, this time with a Westfield Deltawing.

This prototype will keep the engine and the original structure of the car.
It will be fitted with aerodynamic elements that mimic Nissan’s 2012 Le Mans racer.
The car obviously won’t race race, it is built as the road version of the Deltawing.

At Le Mans, the (real) Deltawing, designed to be the most efficient gasoline race-car ever built will compete against Toyota and Audi’s hybrid LMP1.

The Top Gear team plans to use their Westfield DeltaWing to get to Le Mans!

Hopefully it will look better that their home-made electric car, the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust.

Here is the Westfield before

Westfield-Deltawing (4).jpg 

And a glimpse ot the transformation ...

Westfield-Deltawing (3).jpg 

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