(VIDEO) #TeamAPEV ‘s car revealed (Tajima E-RUNNER)

Update of May 21st article with a video of the built + first driving teasers

Following Monster Tajima’s announcement in late March, here is their racer built to tackle the 2012 Pikes Peak hill-climb race.

Tajima_E-RUNNER_TeamAPEV (8).jpg 

Tajima E-Runner, sounds fimiliar ? Tajima Motor already presented an electric mini-openwheeler called like this, let's hope that they won't horsepower this time...

For the moment, the car's first official photos don’t disappoint! It only misses a specs sheet to be perfect…

Tajima_E-RUNNER_TeamAPEV (9).jpg 

Tajima_E-RUNNER_TeamAPEV (6).jpgTajima_E-RUNNER_TeamAPEV (5).jpg 

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